By midnight we had destroyed one another

Razed cities to the ground

We had dethroned kings

Shifted plates

The tremors could be felt across the world

The rising black smoke poured into the sky above us

As the sparks we made caused fires

Earlier that day we had lain together

For the final time

Our souls alight

The death of our love pushed firmly to the back

As we stained our memories

With sweat and semen

And false promises

Yesterday you broke my back

Punctured my lungs

Caused despair

Where life once grew

Selfish and sterile

Ripped from your being

An unwanted tumor

Three weeks ago we knew

How we detested one another

The mask slipped

The facade ended

We orbited one another

Afraid to make contact

Ashamed of our failures

Daring to look forward

A year ago we began to drop

Self hatred replaced by loathing

We still smiled

Not daring to admit

We had made a mistake

Not daring to speak

Of universal truths

Before that was sterility

Beige banality

I became a hen pecked cuckold

Dry and disappointing

My being diluted

Until all that remained

Was no part of me at all

The first month was wonderful

We knew we would never part

How could two people so similar

Exist in a finite world

We licked and smacked and gulped

Drank from each other

Sating our thirst


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