Who doesn’t enjoy a good haiku?

For those who don’t know, haiku is an ancient Japanese style of poetry, usually (although not always) consisting of three measured lines, with a syllable count of 5,7,5. They used to be fairly focused on nature, but modern haiku’s cover just about anything.

Jack Kerouac, the famous beat poet, was also a master haiku writer. Here are five of my (not as good) efforts.

For man is sculpted,
Rent and ripped by time and space,
And returns to dust.

We entered with naught,
Leafless and blinded by light,
The snake eats itself.

Eternal ferment,
Parturient symphonies,
Play out in real time.

Gossamer eyelids,
Fixed shut through my vain rapture,
See what I have done.

Stars efflorescent,
Creation and destruction,
Violent beauty.

All ┬ęStuart Buck