The poem below will be featured on the quite excellent Stares Nest ( next week.

I have been invited to perform in Manchester at the Castle Inn @ 7pm on the 20th August. First time I have actually been asked to perform rather than just turn up half cut with poems in my pocket. Exciting!

Anyway, here is ‘What I Don’t See’, a poem that will surely be included in my first collection, available from Rowanvale Books as of Oct next year.

What I Don’t See

To the BBC News,

When I look outside my window

I do not see famine

I do not see rapists and murderers

I do not see pit-bulls mauling children

I do not see poverty

Or Aids

I do not see the failings of the health system

Or a cocaine snorting politician

I do not see people growing old

And dying

I do not see gangs of feral youths

Stabbing immigrants

For iPhones

I do not see cancer

I do not see the rain

I do not see obesity

I do not see guns


Grand Theft Auto

The movies of Eli Roth

Or anything else causing violence

I do not see prostitutes

Or drug dealers

I see two sheep

One chicken

And lots of hills

Please report this at once

To cheer everyone up.

┬ęStuart Buck