After this we go dark

I’m currently entrenched in After This We Go Dark, the ‘best of’ collection put out a couple of years ago by Theresa Davis. It really is rather good, and while I won’t stick any of her work up here, in case of ¬©, I will advise everyone who reads this to go check out her book.

Meanwhile, in less accomplished poetical territory, here’s another one on creaking vagrants.

We walked with hinged smiles

Through man-made wreckage

The clawing and pawing

The desperate howls

Explosions of remorse

Whenever they grew close

We would blend as one

Human parentheses

Afraid of their touch

Ashamed of their needs

We passed through this detritus

This Verdi-Gris whisper of humanity

Until we reached sanctuary

Free of mind and memory

Warmth flooding through us

©Stuart Buck